BMW R1200 GS

Wherever you are, get ready for it: whether taking a quick trip to the nearest mountains or setting off for a different continent to discover faraway new cultures.

This is partly due to the range of features which have become almost as legendary as the bike itself. . Perfect ergonomics, optimum gearing for every terrain. And a chassis which - whether fully loaded or not - will allow you to thrill your pillion passenger as well as surprise anyone ahead of you. Stone chip? Falls? Protectors! Ride on! The special equipment features off-road ESA and ASC continue to be unsurpassed. Unstoppable is their moto.

The bike’s unstoppable character is further enhanced with the new DOHC engine*, which first displayed its impressive performance in the legendary HP2 Sport. For the R 1200 GS , torque was given higher priority than output in line with practical considerations. And you can feel it. 120 Nm at the peak at 6000 rpm is one thing, but the consistently higher level of torque in the relevant range up to 5000 rpm can be fully experienced.

The supreme riding pleasure is underscored by a powerful sound from the new exhaust system with exhaust flap which everyone will love – so take a ride now!

Poids (Weight)

 242 kg

Hauteur de selle (Seat heights)

 82 cm

Réservoir (Fuel capacity)

 20 L

Autonomie (Gasoline autonomy)

 400 km

Valises latérales (Saddlebags)




GPS (Navigation System)

 Yes (Garmin)



Port USB (USB port)


Connection Bluetooth


Poignées chauffantes (Heated grips)


Selles chauffantes (Heated seat)


Motorisation (Engine type)

 1170 cc

Nombre de vitesses (Transmission)


Alarme (Alarm)



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